Converting to LED bulbs is an easy process, but it can sometimes be confusing which bulbs to purchase. One LED bulb type can replace many different incandescent bulbs. This guide is intended to simplify bulb purchasing. The following info is for Jetta and Golf models. Both models can use the same LED bulbs for their tail lights, unlike when using halogen bulbs.

The following bulbs are needed to convert all internal and external housings (headlights not included):

194 x 4 (8 if you have footwell lights)
194A x 4
1156 x 2
1156R x 4
1156A x 2
6411 x 1
6418 x 3
T5 Neo Wedge x 2 (only if you have motion sensors instead of rear vanity lights)

A = Amber, R = Red

This chart can be helpful when purchasing bulbs. Some bulbs may be labeled with multiple numbers. For example:

194 = 168 = 2825
1156 = 7506 = 5007

This is just a sample.

Bulbs by Housing:

Bumper Turn Signal: 194 or 194A x 2
Rear Turn Signal: 1156A x 2
Tail Light: 1156R x 2
Brake Light: 1156R x 2
Side Marker: 194A x 2
License Plate: 6418 x 1
Reverse Light: 1156 x 2
Glove Box: 194 x 1
Map Light: 194 x 2
Dome Light: 6411
Vanity Light: 6411 x 2
Step Light (door panel): 6418 x 2
Trunk: 194
Footwell Lights: 194 x 4
Interior Motion Sensors: T5 Neo Wedge x 2

Color Notes: Whether you need Amber or Red LED’s for some of these bulbs may depend on the housings you have. For example, some tail light housing may have a clear leans for the blinker and some may have an amber lens. If the lens in clear, and amber bulb is needed. If the lens is amber, either a white or amber bulb will work. However, an amber bulb may look better because it won’t appear as “focused” behind an amber lens as a white bulb will appear. This also applies to the bumper and side marker housings. Adjust bulb colors as needed based on your housings.

Brands and Miscellaneous:
* I used Sylvania ZEVO bulbs for almost all of my bulbs. I have found these to be reliable and bright.
* Sylvania also makes a lower-end non-ZEVO version simply labeled “Sylvania.” These may save you a few dollars, but I don’t know how they compare.
* I have a separate page that lists the bulbs used in my headlights.
* I used for the T5 Neo Wedge bulbs. This is the only bulbs that Sylvania doesn’t make, but VLEDS sells a 6000K version that matches the white output of the ZEVO bulbs. You only needs these bulbs if you have interior motion sensors instead of rear vanity lights.
* There may be other resellers selling cheaper individual bulbs, but it may be hard to temperature match different bulbs from different brands, especially when they may not be labeled.
* The site and others like it may sell standard and premium kits of LED’s for a Jetta, but these kits do not appear to save much cost compared to purchasing Sylvania ZEVO bulbs.
* VW makes some newer light housings with built-in LED’s: Glove Box, Trunk, Footwell and Step lights. They sometimes come in white, red or both (the color can be chosen by reversing the wiring.) It may hard to temperature match to these “white” bulbs because their temperatures are unknown.
* This also applies to the Skoda puddle lights in the side-view mirror housings. The temperature of the white built-in LED’s is unknown.