This page has info on OEM Xenon HID headlights and the high-pressure washer system.
(For info on leveling motors and bulb monitoring, see this page.)

Part numbers for headlights:
Headlight Housings – 1J5941017BN and 1J5941018BN (Right Hand Traffic) or 1J5941017BM and 1J5941018BM (Left Hand Traffic)
Ballast x 2 – 7M3907391
Igniter x 2 – 1J0941641B

Right Hand Traffic = Left Hand Drive (e.g. the US)
Left Hand Traffic = Right Hand Drive (e.g. the UK)

The headlights come with leveling motors.

OEM bulbs:
N10445701 x 2 – D2S/Xenon
N10445602 x 2 – Turn Signal
N10320102 x 2 – High Beam
N10445502 x 2 – DRL

Bulb Notes: The stock bulbs work well, but one minor issue is that the color temperature of the Xenon bulb does not match the output of the parking light. Since they both stay activated when using low beams, this looks awkward. One solution is to use LEDs in the 5000-6000K temperature range. An LED in this range will look almost identical to a Xenon bulb in the 4000-4500K range (the stock bulb is 4300K.) It can be challenging to match temperature output when comparing Xenon and LED bulbs. OSRAM, the OEM bulb manufacturer, also makes a line of LEDs in Europe. Their LED bulb labeled T4W or BA9S will work as a replacement bulb for the parking light and the blinker. The “cool white” version is the one that will match the Xenon bulb. The only issue is that you need to remove one of the two alignment pins since the original bulb for this socket is BAX9S and BAY9S whose only difference is the location of the alignment pins. This bulb also comes in 12 volt and 24 volt variants, so make sure to get the 12 volt version. eBay seems to be the only source for the cool white version of this bulb in the US.

The OSRAM T4W “cool white” LED will also look good side by side with the OSRAM Nigh Breaker Laser Xenarc D2S bulb, one of the top rated aftermarket bulbs that you can buy for the low beam bulb. So far, I have not found a high beam bulb that matches the output of the low beam bulb, but I am less concerned with this since the low beam and high beam bulbs are only on together temporarily unlike the low beam and parking light bulbs that are always on at the same time. OSRAM does make a Night Breaker Laser H7 bulb for the high beam socket, and that is what is installed in my car, but it is much warmer than its Xenon equivalent.

UPDATE – I replaced my H7 halogen bulb with an OSRAM LEDriving H7 bulb. It fits and it matches the “white” of the other bulbs.

This chart can be helpful when purchasing LED replacements for most of the internal and external bulbs. A single LED can be a replacement for many different styles of incandescent bulbs. I recommend Sylvania ZEVO bulbs. They come in every bulb style a Jetta/Bora uses except for the interior motion sensors. Those use a T5 “neo wedge” bulb. My preferred source for this bulb is They used to sell this bulb in multiple temperatures, but it looks like they only offer a 5500K version now. To my eyes, it is hard to distinguish between 5000, 5500 and 6000K ranges when comparing the small bulbs used in the internal cabin housings.

* There are two versions of the headlight housings. This is the later model with the integrated ballasts.
* Be aware, these housings come in Right Hand Traffic and Left Hand Traffic versions (which is the opposite of Right Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive.)
* There is a lever inside each headlight that can alter the beam pattern if driving from an RHT country to an LHT country and vice versa, but this does not does NOT make them interchangeable. It only cuts off some of the light so that you don’t blind oncoming drivers.
* Kufatec sells a wiring harness and sensors to enable the auto-leveling feature. It comes in front wheel drive and 4Motion versions due to placement of rear sensor. It does not  include the combo cabin dimmer/headlight leveling switch because it is not needed.
* ECS and others sell a kit to enable the manual leveling feature. This includes the combo cabin dimmer/headlight leveling switch.
* You will need 10-pin to 12-pin adapters when adding these headlights to cars with halogen headlights. ClustersByLitke sells them.
* Coming soon is a link to a wiring diagram. A Jetta must change some wiring so that the Xenon bulbs don’t act as DRL’s and dim slightly which will burn them out prematurely.

Part numbers for washer jet system:
Nozzles – 1J5955103A and 1J5955104A (must have single nozzle, not the two nozzle 1J0 which is for Golf)
Lift Cylinder x 2 – 1J0955978
5.5 Liter Fluid Tank – 1J0955453L
Pump – 3B7955681
Tubing – 1J0955964F
Front Bumper Rebar – 1J0805551E (must be E)
Lock Support – 1J0805567 (must not be B)
Relay 192 – 1J0955531
Bumper cover x 2 – 1J5955109A and 1J5955110A

The tubing kit includes all the couplers and adapters. However, the hoses may have an internal diameter that is too wide. If pressure cannot be maintained, hosing with a narrower diameter may be needed. The system runs on pressure, so if the nozzles don’t fully rise, it is probably a pressure issue.
Kufatec sells a harness for this upgrade.
Relay 192 is also used for auto-dimming rearview mirror and rain-sensing wipers.