A company called Christopher Radko has been making hand-blown glass Christmas ornaments since the mid-1980s. At some point around the turn of the century, they started producing replica Christmas light products based on designs from the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s. I have been unable to find a comprehensive list of every style, so this will be my attempt at creating one. Be aware, I have been collecting these lights primarily via eBay for most of the last decade, and I still see new products each year that I had never seen. I don’t think any of these replicas have been made in over 10+ years, and they appear to have been made in very small batches, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to find them.

If you are aware of a style I am missing, please email: pdx@manicsloth.com

The only common set I do not have is the Santa set, string or candolier.

This is the list of bulb styles that I have found. I do not own every one of these, but I own most of them. Some I have never seen in person. I don’t remember where I originally saw this list:

Twinkle-Brite (Bells)
Twirl-Brite Starlight
Flicker-Brite Christmas Candles
Candles (glass bulbs)
Sparkling Ice Balls
Sparkling Ice Bells
Jolly Santas
Pine Cones
Jewel Star
Jeweled Glo-Brite
Satin Twirl Jumbo
Satin Twirl 1.25 inches
Twirl-Brite 35×2-tone, “mini”
Twirl-Brite 25×8-colors, 1.25inch
Twirl-Brite 25xRainbow, 2inch
Twirl-Brite 3inch


Name: Bubble-Brite
Notes: These come in 7 and 9-bulb strings and also 9-bulb candoliers. The candoliers come in either white or red bases. There are also two special candoliers, a gold/red version and a silver/blue version. Both of these have glitter in the bulbs. There is also a 2-foot tall artifical Christmas tree pre-wired with 20 bulbs.
Bulbs: There are 12 different colors of the bulbs if you count the two special candoliers. If a bulb stops bubbling, shaking it may help. If it’s a really stubborn bulb, let it heat up and then find a way to hold it upside down for a few minutes.

Name: Bubble-Brite Tree

Name: Flicker-Brite Christmas Candles
Notes: As the name suggests, the bulbs flicker. They appear to have a very short life span. These bulbs are also used in candoliers with 1, 3 or 5 candles.

Name: Snowman Electric Light Set

Name: Sparkling Ice Balls

Name: Sparkling Ice Bells
Notes: I had never seen these before until Christmas of 2020.

Name: Electric Candle Lights
Bulbs: Glass

Name: Jewel Brite

Name: Glo-Brite

Name: Pine Cone Light Set
Bulb: Glass

Name: Jewel Star Light Set
Bulb: Glass

Name: Flicker Snow-Tip
Bulb: Glass

Name: Twinkle-Brite Blinking Bell
Bulb: Glass with Plastic Cover

Name: Twirl-Brite
Bulb: 2-inch Glass

Name: Twirl-Brite Satin
Bulb: Glass, 2-inch

Name: Twirl-Brite Star Light

Name: Glo-Wreath
Bulb: Plastic, battery powered


Name: Bubble-Brite Candolier
Notes: Also comes with a white base.

Name: Festival Lite-Brite
Notes: There is also a red/gold version that I do not have. It may be one of the rarest Christopher Radko light products. It regularly goes for $300-400 on eBay.
Bulbs: The liquid has glitter. The blue plastic is a different blue than the standard blue bulb, so if one dies, the parts can’t be easily swapped.

Name: Flicker-Brite Candolier with 1 Candle
Notes: It is unknown if this comes in red too.

Name: Flicker-Brite Candolier with 3 Red Candles
Notes: Also comes with white candles.

Name: Flicker-Brite Candolier with 5 White Candles
Notes: Also comes with red candles.