Motion Sensors – 1J0951171D
Siren (DWA) – 1J0951605
Harness – TBD
Defeat Switch – 4B0962109A01C
Repair Wires – TBD
Alternate Red Defeat Switch – 4D4962109B98

* No North American VW came with this feature so it may be challenging finding these parts.
* For the harness, the best option may be a donor car. I believe there are two versions for cars with or without a sunroof. If you can purchase the sensors and the harness at the same time, that may be ideal.
* This feature requires a DOS program named VDS Pro that can modify your CCM (comfort control module.) VDS Pro requires a physical RS-232 serial port. You might be able to send your CCM to a place like ClustersByLitke for a fee. There is a free VDS-Pro alternative getting attention on the TDIClub forums, but I do not know if it can do what’s required to enable the motion sensors.
* The red defeat switch is from an Audi armored car variant in Germany and is almost impossible to find. I mention it in the name of thoroughness.
* The bulb inside the motion sensor housing is a T5 “neo wedge” bulb. This reseller is a good source.