My instrument cluster was originally a European “Sport” MFA cluster with a full-pixel LCD display.

The terms MFA or FIS describe clusters with a full-pixel or half-pixel red LCD screen with rudimentary engine computer functionality like miles per gallon, trip time, etc. There is a subtle difference between MFA and FIS, and this Vortex link provides more info.

The following parts numbers are for diesel full-pixel Sport clusters:

KPH – 1J5920846C
MPH – 1J5920946C
Outside Temperature Sensor + Clip + Housing – 1J0919379A and 1J0971845E and 1J0973702
Wiper Stalk – 4B0953503G
Oil Level and Temperature Sensor
Repair Wires

In either scenario, the degrees are in Celsius because these clusters were never offered on US cars. However, a company called Xtuners makes custom faces and they’re indistinguishable from the originals.

My cluster was modified by a guy in Ohio that goes by ClustersByLitke on Facebook. He is the one that added the full color LCD display and did some soldering to support some extra features.

The full-color LCD screen is called “ColorMFA” and ClustersByLitke imports them from Russia. They require some soldering to function. ColorMFA is a more powerful version of the computer in a stock MFA or FIS cluster. If you can solder, you might be able to do the work yourself. The vendor has a PDF on their website with instructions:

ColorMFA can be added to many different clusters though, not just the “full pixel” models. The ClustersByLitke price list has a lot more info.

With an MFA/FIS/ColorMFA cluster, you need to replace your wiper stalk with a version that has extra buttons to support navigating through the menus. You may also want to add an outside temperature sensor too, though it is not required. Some optional features that ColorMFA supports are listed below, but these may require additional soldering, wiring, etc.:

* Showing boost levels (if you run a wire to your MAP sensor)
* Showing oil level/temp (if you have an oil pan that has the hole for the oil sensor)
* Showing hood open (if you run an extra wire)
* Showing bulb alerts (a lot of extra wiring and an extra diode soldered inside the cluster)
* Showing HID leveling alerts (if you have OEM HIDs)
* Showing radio info or nav info (only with specific original VW radios)
* Showing cell phone info (only if you have the original OEM cell phone kit)

(#4, $6 and #7 a stock MFA/FIS cluster can show too)

These Google docs are provided by ClustersByLitke and provide instructions for wiring specific optional features.

To add a cluster to your car, you need its PIN number, what’s also called the SKC. Some very early MK4 cars came with the SKC on a scratch-off label in the glovebox, and there was also a period of time when the dealer would give it to you. If you don’t have the SKC, there are some tools that can get it. One is called VagTacho, but it is not free. There is another one listed on the TDIClub forum that is free, but I have never used it. You also need VCDS/VagCom in order to pair the cluster with your Immobilizer. VCDS can’t get the SKC though, so you have to get that first.

The entry price for this mod is around $250 which is the standard price for a Sport cluster with MFA/FIS. Many people are happy stopping right there. However, you can take it much farther, it’s just a matter of how much you want to spend.